Holy Gathering of Kumbh Mela


If you grew up in India, chances are that once in your life you were made fun by your siblings to be found lost in Kumbh Mela. With fading cultural heritage of this country, the younger generation identifies this enormous celebration by such petty jests. But going by the words of our ancestors, Kumbh Mela, is a mass hindu pilgrimage of faith captivating people from all over the world for a holy bathe in the river of Ganges.The Royal SnanYatra commences from the auspicious day of MakarSankranti  once in over a decade when the waters of the confluence in the sacred city of Allahabad are believed to be charged with divine powers due to the astronomical positions of the sun and the other planets.

The mad colossal gathering of dutiful devotees, ardent roamers and of course sanctified nagas make this euphoric fair –a celebration of our religion at its peak. The chaos of this mammoth affair derives its uproar from the chants of mantras and the dance of aghoris at the holy Ghats. All of it together furnish every soul visiting with an unforgettable and enchanting experience.

It also marks the World’s largest peaceful gathering of pilgrims in the festivities of Hinduism to a step towards salvation. The air filled with smokes of agarbatis and fiery diyas not only lights up the TriveniSangam ,the junction of Ganga, but also our hearts. It is sure to touch every soul in eternal bliss and replenish life in them with a forever renewed zeal. Kumbh Mela concludes with the puja of Lord Shiva on the day of Maha Shiv Ratri providing an everlasting experience of a lifetime to every feet that cross the holy realm.


Sattvic Sukrit Cuisine

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