Kumbh 2019

Dawn Of A New Era

A gathering unlike any other, Kumbh invites you yet again to experience one of the largest human gatherings in the world.

Apart from being a part of the righteous pilgrimage, Kumbh 2019 puts forth a promise to on board a grand celebration of cultures, a glimpse of which was witnessed in a similar ceremony in 2013 and 2015, conducted in Allahabad and Nashik respectively.

Going hand in hand with yoga, spirituality and ancient wisdom, experience Kumbh at a new level of resplendent elevation.

Significant bathing Dates

“…Nothing has been left undone, either
by man or nature, to make India the
most extraordinary country that the
sun visits on his rounds.”

Mark Twain

15 January 2019, Makar Sankranti
The day is celebrated in reverence to deity Surya or Sun and marks the first day of sun’s transit into Capricorn (the Makara).

21 January 2019, Paush Purnima
A ceremonious dip in the Holy River is considered to be very auspicious on this full moon day (Purnima)

04 February 2019, Mauni Amavasya
Also known as No Moon day where the day is spent in silent meditation, giving alms to the needy, feeding cows followed by a dip in the holy river.

10 February 2019, Basant Panchami
This day is dedicated to the goddess of knowledge, music and arts, symbolising the creative energy in all its forms

19 February 2019, Maghi Purnima
On this auspicious day, a dip in the Ganga holds high religious merit. In Hindu legend, full moon day (Purnima) is known to be an important day for performing religious and spiritual rituals such as Yajna.

04 March 2019, Maha Shivratri
This day is observed by paying respect to lord Shiva with the chanting of Vedic mantras, yoga and meditation.