1. Booking (Contract)

Your booking is confirmed, and a contract exists when Sukrit Wellness Tours issues a written confirmation after receipt of the applicable deposit amount. Please check your confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to your Tour Operator or authorized agent immediately. Please ensure that names are exactly as stated in the relevant passport.

2. Arrivals and Departure

Our standard Check in time is 1400 hrs. and check out time is 1200 hrs.

i. Early arrival:

If you arrive over 2 hours prior to the scheduled check-in time, we cannot guarantee availability of your room, unless prior arrangements have been made with us at the time of booking or at least four weeks in advance. Any room booking more than two hours prior to the scheduled check-in time will be charged as an additional day’s tariff at the standard rate applicable on the day. These requests will only be entertained subject to availability of the requested room.

ii. Delayed arrival:

If you do not arrive over 4 hours from your scheduled check-in time and have failed to notify us, your booking for the day will be considered a “no-show” and it will be made available to other prospective customer; unless prior arrangements have been made with us at the time of booking or at least four weeks in advance.

We acknowledge there may be circumstances beyond your control and recommend our team is informed about it by calling on the direct line 929458300 or writing on info@Sukritwellness.co.

iii. Delayed departure

If you fail to vacate the room as per the scheduled check-out time and delayed over two hour beyond the check-out time, your departure will be considered a “delayed departure” unless prior arrangements have been made with us at the time of booking or at least four weeks in advance. This measure is undertaken in the interest of arriving passengers, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Any request for staying longer will be considered as an additional day’s booking and will be considered subject to its availability and will be charged at the standard rate applicable on the day. Please contact the Camp management or reception desk should this be required.

3. No-Show

During the event of no show Sukrit wellness shall not be under any obligation to refund the booking amount.

4. Payment

The payment shall be transferred in the nominated bank account. Booking shall be confirmed only after receipt of 100 % of booking amount.

5. Cancellation of Booking and Refunds

Sukrit Wellness Tours will consider any cancellation or refund towards any bookings under the following conditions:

Intimation Days Refund amount Exclusion from refund amount
60 to 90 Days 100 % Any additional amount paid to your Booking Agency
30 to 59 Days 40 % Any additional amount paid to your Booking Agency
01 to 29 Days 0 %
NO Show 0 %


*The cancellation and refunds policy will be applicable for all bookings including any cancellation or
refund request raised due to any natural disaster or unforeseen or unexpected events beyond the
control of Sukrit Wellness Tours.
Camping conditions
i. Registration
Upon arrival, all guests are required to register at our Welcome Desk and our friendly staff will
assist you in explaining the Camp facilities and guide you to your room. In accordance with the
local laws, it is mandatory for all guests to produce a Valid Identity proof/ Passport at the time
of check-in.
ii. Accessing Services available at the site:
At Sukrit Camp you have access to a range of complementary services and services you may
opt for. Please ask our Camp staff for details and if you are interested to opt for any of those
iii. Visitors
For the safety and security of our guests, Sukrit Wellness Tours has a stringent policy in place
for permitting access to any third paraty within the Sukrit Camp premises. All Visitors are
required to register at the Welcome Desk before entering the site. Should you have any visitor
seeking to meet you, we recommend you provide their information to the camp staff in
iv. Restaurants and dining
In our Buffet you will find a wide selection of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For
customers staying within the deluxe and super deluxe camps, theme based culinary options
are available in excusive dining areas. Sukrit Wellness Tours management shall endeavour to
meet your specific dietary requirements subject to the availability of desired products and at
the discretion of management.
v. Personal belongings
Sukrit camp provides you a safe and secure environment so you could enjoy your travel with a
peace of mind. Secure lockers are made available to you for keeping your valuables in a secure
way. It is your responsibility to ensure you use the lockers for your valuables. Contact our camp staff for any assistance required. Prior to departure, please check carefully that you
have picked all of your belongings, Sukrit wellness will not be responsible for your belongings
lost due to being left behind.
vi. Waste disposal
At Sukrit Camp, we endeavour to provide you the best of experience. To protect our
environment and manage the waste efficiently, we request you to separate and dispose the
garbage in the appropriately marked bins for glass, plastic, metal, paper, waste and organic
waste. We appreciate your cooperation in this mission.
vii. Sanitary facilities
Sukrit Camp has well maintained hygienic facilities for your use. Please assist us in maintaining
the standards and inform our staff should you experience any issues. Given the busy
environment we recommend any Child under 10 be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
viii. Pets
Sukrit Camp does not permit any pets to be allowed within the camp premises.
ix. Fire safety
Open fires are prohibited except Bonfire area organised and managed by our staff. During a
fire, everyone is obliged to follow the instructions of the Camp management and responsible
officers in the event of an evacuation. For your immediate safety, we have provided a Fire
extinguisher in every tent. Our staff are happy to show you how to use them in case of an
emergency. Please contact our staff should you see any risk of fire in your area of residence.
x. Lawn and garden spaces
Sukrit Camp values your stay with us and has provided the camp site with dedicated green
spaces and lawns for your convenience. We seek your assistance in maintaining the lawn and
garden area by following any instructions provided. Please help us to preserve our green
spaces. They’re there for you.
xi. Children and minors
Sukrit Camp attracts diverse range of guests who appreciate the quiet and relaxed
atmosphere in our premises. Predominantly our guests stay with us to experience the Kumbh
mela, participate in various related recreational activities, relaxation, cultural and yogic
In the interest of our guests, we urge all parents/ guardians to care for their children and their
activities. Kumbh Mela is an extremely crowded event, and we strongly recommend that you
accompany your children at all times wherever they go for their safety and security purposes.

6. Special arrangement
i. No faulty devices not be plugged in as they may cause harm to yourself and has a potential
of damaging the camp facilities.
ii. Guests must inform the Sukrit Wellness Tours employees about any special requirements,
allergies in advance. Sukrit Wellness Tours shall endeavour to meet the requirements,
however cannot guarantee if it could meet all special requirements
iii. Guests must follow the safety and security precautionary measures as prescribed by the
Sukrit Wellness Tours staff and the local law enforcement agencies at all times.
iv. Consumption of any meat, seafood, poultry or products containing these are strictly
prohibited within the Kumbh Sukrit Camp site.
v. Consumption of Alcohol and Other Drugs are strictly prohibited within the Sukrit Camp site.
Guests will be liable for their own actions or involvement in any illegal and inappropriate act
or trade that are punishable under Indian statute.